How to Clean Paint Rollers the Quick Way

  1. We have a special tool called a spinner: the paint roller cleaner
  2. Squeeze the paint from your roller back into your can with your hand or your curved tool (it is like a 3rd hand to us).
  3. For the next steps, you’ll need a tall bucket, such as the kind that 5 gallons of paint come in: tall to keep the spray from going all over
  4. Place the roller cover a.k.a. the sleeve, on the spinner and rotate it slowly under the faucet–warmish water is best–and squish with your hand into the stream of water
  5. Spin in a tall bucket and repeat soaking and spinning over and over until the fibers are really done bleeding paint
  6. Stand on the end and let dry completely
  7. We never keep that plastic bag cover for storage. We just let it dry completely and store in a box with the others. If the fibers get bunched up in storage, it springs back at the start of the next use

5.paint roller cleaner

10.paint roller cleaner

Post time: Mar-03-2022