History of Mole Traps




            The Duffus (tunnel) mole trap is shaped like a half barrel and has the advantage of being able to catch two moles when set correctly. It can be used in surface tunnels and is just as easy to set in deeper tunnels.

            The Talpex trap is another scissor trap which is set in a mole tunnel, the operation is slightly different from other scissor traps as it requires the mole to move some soil strategically placed below the trigger. When the              Mole clears the obstruction the mechanism is released and the mole caught.

            The Putange Mole Trap is a variation in design that has been developed in France. The same principle requiring the mole to clear the obstruction which triggers the mechanism applies. The mole trap is inserted into                the tunnel to be effective. The Putange mole trap is sold with a separate tool for setting them.

Post time: Dec-04-2020