Mouse Tunnel Rat Animal Trap

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The barrel mole trap is an easy solution to catching these fast running pests.

  • Product Name : Tunnel Mole Traps
  • Function : Mole Control
  • Materials : Galvanized Sheet
  • Features: ECO-Friendly
  • Package : 50 pieces/carton
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    Tunnle Mole Trap with High Quality Steel


    Tunnel mole trap is a very popular trap for moles with good effectivness in burrows. 

    This Garden Mole Trap is also known as the Duffus, Tunnel or Barrel Trap and is a traditional method of mole pest control.

    Simply probe the ground for a mole tunnel, which normally leads from a mole hill, then place the trap in the run and start catching your problem moles.


    • Powerful springs and strong wire hooks and loops
    • Ideal for very shallow or very deep runs
    • Excellent for all soil types


    Item Name Live Tunnel Mole Trap
    Size  152X70X90mm
    Material Metal Sheet
    Sheet Thickness 0.7mm
    Wire Diameter 0.8mm
    Surface  Galvanized 
    Net Weight  120g
    Package  50pcs/carton

    Package and Delivery

    Package of our tunnel animal mole trap is 50 pieces/carton and we can accept customized package.

    tunnel mole trap package and delivery

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