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Tunnel (barrel or 'Duffs type') mole trap is eayto set double action mole trap. Simple but sturdy design with a strong spring action to trap two moles, E-Galvanized for rust prevention.

  • Product Name : Tunnel Mole Trap, Mole Control Trap
  • Function : Mole Control
  • Materials : Galvanized Steel
  • Features: ECO-Friendly
  • Package : 50 pieces/carton
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    Tunnle Mole Trap with High Quality Steel


    Duffus or Half Barrel Traps

    This trap is used by professionals and can trap two moles (one on each end) at a time. It is a metal half-barrel with catching hoops, trigger wires, and springs. The quality of the trap may be tested this way: “The quality of the barrel can be tested by simply attempting to crush it as you would a soft drinks can. Some will crush extremely easily, whist those with stainless steel barrels are very difficult to even flex. Setting the trap and springing it in a test situation will also show how well or poorly the springs perform. Of course, the weaker the spring the weaker the action, ergo the weaker the impact on the mole and most likely the slower the kill when sprung.” Getting a top-quality trap is best for trapping, and more humane for the animal.


    • Protect your lawn and catch those moles
    • Galvanized Metal
    • Weather proof
    • Keeps lawns nice and tidy
    • Strong spring action


    Item Name Live Tunnel Mole Trap
    Size  152X70X90mm
    Material Metal Sheet
    Sheet Thickness 0.7mm
    Wire Diameter 0.8mm
    Surface  Galvanized 
    Net Weight  120g
    Package  50pcs/carton

    Package and Delicvery

    Package of our gopher tunnel mole trap is 1 piece/opp bag and 50 pieces/carton and we can accept customized package.

    tunnel mole trap package and delivery

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