Mixing paddle for paints with best quality from Chinese supplier

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60x400mm,max capacity 10KG
85x400mm,max capacity 15KG
paint mixer with varnish
Extremely durable
Excellent for paints
Long life,Easy cleaning after using

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What is Mixing Paddle?

Mixing paddles are tools that can be used manually or powered by an electric drill or hand-held mixer. They are designed to reduce time and effort when mixing a wide range of materials such as plaster, paint, and cement.

Mixing paddles come with various head shapes and sizes to perform different functions. Depending on the material you wish to mix, there should be a suitable mixing paddle for each specific job.
Identifying which mixing paddles are manually operated and which can be used in a power tool depends on the shape of the end:If it’s a manual (hand-powered) paddle then it will have a type of handle, either a long wooden one or a ‘T’ shaped design.
Powered paddles will either have a hexagonal shaft to fit standard drills or an M14 thread to fit more powerful mixers.
paddle mixing
mixer paddle
painting mixer
propeller paint mixer


Product Name Paint mixer
Material Iron
Surface Treatment zinc-plated/varnish
Length 80x400mm;  100x600mm; 120x760mm;
style Hexagonal
Rod Diameter 10mm

Why would you use a mixing paddle?

You may wonder why some materials need mixing. This is because most are made up of two or more substances and mixing these produces a solution or a compound.Mixing paddles are also designed to: remove lumps, thicken, thin, mash and prevent air exposure to mixtures.
Using it to work could increase work efficiency,the same time,save time and energy for workers.
multi-purpose mixer

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