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Short Description:

1.Excellent Pick-up&Release
2.Less Splash and dripping
3.Long life,Easy cleaning after using
Place of Origin:China
Product Name:Paint roller

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Core Dia 53mm,pile height 21mm

For frame with 8mm wire diameter

Endless thread,yellow basis double green striped


Excellent Pick-up&Release

Less Splash and dripping

Long life,Easy cleaning after using


Extremely durable ,suitable for heavy duty projects

Excellent for large area,both interior&exterior

Excellent for rough surface

Suitable for Corner painting possible

Excellent for use with all paints

Instrustion For use

Wash the floating hair of roller brush with clean water before using,soak the roller refill and then dry the water;when using paint roller,apply it correctly according to the instrustions on paint sales;during using paint roller, please be careful not to let the paint dry on the surface of roller refill
Blend the paint according to the instrustions,pour paint into a clean container and stir it well thoroughly after the viscosity and other indicators meet the requirments
Choose a suitable roller refill according to working requirments;Then dip a little paint or full paint with roller refill to roll back and forth on the paint grid or paint tray to evenly distribute the paint on the roller refill and then paint onto the painted surface
Dip a little paint in the beginning,paint slowing to prevent the paint from being forced out and splashing;the painting derection should be the same,and the painting route as the following pictures,firstly use paint roller  to paint according to an inverted W shape,paint the painting onto the surface approximately;then do a painting up and down smoothly to distribute the paint evenly
Use a clean paint roller to paint when painting to the stubble area or reaching a certain area to ensure the uniformity and integrity of the coating surface and avoide obvious traces on the stubble area
Small and narrow area such as corner or interfaces can be painted with mini small roller refill or corner roller brush and then use large core roller brush to paint large surface,different surfaces to use different kinds of paint roller
Gernerally,it is required to paint twice;the decorative pattern requires that the pattern is complete and clear,unifor,and the thickness of the coating is uniform,color is coordinated;the time interval between the two paintings should be more than two hours



Each roller cover shrink wrapped  with colored label according to customers' artworks and then into normal master carton

Each roller refill into a printed polybag according to customers' artworks and then into a white display box

Each paint roller into a polybag with hanging card according to customers' artwork and then into a white master carton


Delivery Details

Stocked paint roller within 3days

Customized decorative paint roller with mass production within 25days

Delivery roller refills by sea about 30days arrived at the destination port

Delivery roller brush by air about 7days arrived at the destination port

Delivery paint roller tools by express about 3-4days or 5-7days arrived at the destination port

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