Gopher Tunnel Mole Trap

Short Description:

The tunnel mole trap is a two-way trap with a traditional & proven design suitable for use in frosted ground and wet weather conditions, this low-cost trap to catch and kill moles are for the protection of garden lawns or farm and country locations.

  • Product Name : Tunnel Mole Traps
  • Function : Mole Control
  • Materials : Galvanized Sheet
  • Features: ECO-Friendly
  • Package : 50 pieces/carton
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    Heavy Duty Tunnel Mole Trap


    The tunnel mole trap should be successful every 2nd time it is set. If it doesn’t, either you’re not setting it in the correct fashion or the mole has eaten its fill in your property and gone elsewhere. The more mole traps you set the better the success rate, ideally a minimum of 2 mole traps should be used.

    East to set double action mole trap. Simple but sturdy design with a strong spring action to trap two moles, E-Galvanized for rust prevention.


    Item Name Live Tunnel Mole Trap
    Size  152X70X90mm
    Material Metal Sheet
    Sheet Thickness 0.7mm
    Wire Diameter 0.8mm
    Surface  Galvanized 
    Net Weight  120g
    Package  50pcs/carton

    How to Set

    This trap consists of a curved top plate which recreates the roof of the moles tunnel system. It is set by pushing down the catching loop on swinging a trigger pin over the top which is then hooked onto the trigger loop.

    This process is then repeated on the other end of the trap, meaning you can catch a mole in either end of the trap or in fact 2 moles in one trap.

    Using Effect

    Using Effect

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