fast kill tunnel mole traps

Short Description:

This highly efficient product is often called either a Barrel or Tunnel Type Mole Traps and should be carefully set, preferably within a run, with hands that have been rubbed with soil from a fresh mole hill so as to eliminate any unfamiliar or human scent.

  • Product Name : Tunnel Mole Traps
  • Function : Mole Control
  • Features: ECO-Friendly
  • Package : 50 pieces/carton
  • Material : Galvanized Steel
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    Mole Tunnel Trap
    Two-way trap with traditional proven design.
    Suitable for use in frosted ground and wet weather conditions.
    Low-cost control of moles in garden, farm and country locations.


    Item Name Live Tunnel Mole Trap
    Size  152X70X90mm
    Material Metal Sheet
    Sheet Thickness 0.7mm
    Wire Diameter 0.8mm
    Surface  Galvanized 
    Net Weight  120g
    Package  50pcs/carton

     Advantages of the Tunnel Trap

    It is easy to install in a mole run as the half tunnel means you can just brush a bit of loose soil over the top and all light is excluded from the run.

    • Fast powerful killing action.
    • Easy to “tune” the trap so that it is very sensitive to being triggered.
    • Working parts virtually never jammed by stones or turf.
    • If covered by a piece of turf or a small board, will not be affected by frost, or heavy rain.
    • It can be set in a paddock/field containing livestock if covered by a small board.
    • It will not damage a mower as no part of the trap is above ground (except in v shallow runs).
    • If trapping on a lawn, it is much neater than a scissor trap. Cut out a piece of turf above the run with a border spade which is the same width as the trap. The turf can then be replaced when the mole has been dealt with, the molehills removed and the lawn will be undamaged. 
    • It can be used equally successfully in deep or surface runs.
    • It can, and occasionally does, catch two moles at a time.
    • It is easy to conceal when set in places where the public have access, and so is less likely to get stolen.

    Package and Delivery

    Package of our tunnel mole traps is 1 piece/opp bag and 50 pieces/caton. And we can also accept customized package.

     tunnel mole trap package and delivery


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