Easy to Use Effective Sturdy Tunnel Mole Trap

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Tunnel (barrel or 'Duffs type') mole trap is eayto set double action mole trap. Simple but sturdy design with a strong spring action to trap two moles, E-Galvanized for rust prevention.

  • Product Name : Tunnel Mole Trap, Mole Control Trap
  • Function : Mole Control
  • Materials : Galvanized Steel
  • Features: ECO-Friendly
  • Package : 50 pieces/carton
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    Amazing Underground Mouse Trap Easy Use Trapping Rodents Humane Tunnel Mole Trap


    This mole trap should be placed into the tunnel and covered with dirt. It is because of this placement that traps work best for moles, since their natural instinct is to reopen the tunnel. In clearing the tunnel, they will push up on the trigger, releasing the powerful trap.

    Spring is the best time to trap moles because newly-made surface tunnels are easy to spot. However, moles can be trapped during any season except in very cold or dry weather.


    Tunnel mole trap designed to catch & kill moles quickly & effectively. Protect your lawn and garden with this fast, easy to use mole trap. Fast & effective mole control. Ideal for getting rid of moles from the garden. Easy to set. Safe to use Strong spring action and galvanized for rust-free durability in all garden conditions.


    Item Name Live Tunnel Mole Trap
    Size  152X70X90mm
    Material Metal Sheet
    Sheet Thickness 0.7mm
    Wire Diameter 0.8mm
    Surface  Galvanized 
    Net Weight  120g
    Package  50pcs/carton

    Package and Delivery

    Package of our tunnle mole trap is 1 piece/opp bag and 50 pieces/carton.

    tunnel mole trap package and delivery


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