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Bird Spikes are used to protect ledges, sills, and leading roof edges from roosting birds. This is effective against pigeons and larger birds.

  • Product Name : Bird Control Spikes
  • Function : Bird Control
  • Material : PC Base with Stainless Steel Spikes
  • Features : ECO-Friendly
  • Package : 100 pieces/carton
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    Bird repellent strips are the most effective way to keep birds away, these plastic bird spikes can deter all pest birds and climbing animals, in all infestation levels and on all types of installation surfaces. The anti-bird spikes strips are virtually invisible while providing a cost-effective and long-term solution to deter nuisance bird/animal infestations and protect your property from damage.

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    Featuers and Benefits

    1. Ideal and humane bird repellent spike strips to against pigeons, starlings, sparrows, squirrels, cats and other climbing animals, but not harm them.
    2. Provides 100% protection on ledges, beams, roof peaks, fence, flat or curved surfaces.
    3. Flexible Plastic base, easy to cut to size if you need shorter sections.
    4. Glue, screws, or zip ties allow for fast and easy application, which will not injure installers.
    5. Reduce the cost of cleaning and maintenance caused by birds and animals while protecting people, pets and livestock from the health hazards associated with their infestation.


    Item Name Bird Spikes
    Material PC Base with stainless steel spikes
    Qty of Spikes 40 pcs
    Length of base  50.0cm
    Length of spikes  11cm
    Max Width of Spikes 16.0cm
    Package 100 pcs/carton

    Some Easy Ways to Install Bird Spikes

    1. Attach nails or screws to surfaces through holes in the bird off spikes’ bases.
    2. Wire or plastic ties recommended for cabling, piping and thin railings.
    3. Apply construction-grade outdoor weatherproof adhesive to underside of the bird away spikes’ bases, firmly press them onto surfaces and let dry.
    Note: Bird prevention spike is only effective where it is applied – treat all landing and roosting surfaces in the problem areas.

    Package and Delivery

    Package of our bird spikes is 100 pieces/carton and we can also accept customized package.

    bird spikes package and delivery

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