Manufacture Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Industrial Grades Chemicals HPMC

Short Description:

HPMC for daily chemical chooses the highly pure cotton cellulose as raw materials, in alkaline condition by special etherification and system, the whole process automation monitoring finish, do not contain any animal organs and oil and other active ingredients. This product is non-ionic cellulose ether, the outward appearance is for white powder, no smell tasteless.

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PC base and stainless steel spikes
Qty of spikes 60pcs
Length of base 50.0cm
Length of spikes 11.0cm
Max. Width of spikes 16.0cm
Package 100pcs per carton


1. bird spikes help you keep birds away.

2. safe bird spikes with flexible pc base  can last more than 5 years.

3. humane bird spikes are simple to install and easy to use.

4. flexible bird spikes can effectively control the activities of birds.

5. bird spikes makes your house cleaner and reduces the amount of waste such as bird droppings.

6.stainless steel bird spikes can reduce bird harassment.

Where To Use

Anti-bird spikes is applicable to buildings, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, hotels and restaurants that need to be protected. It can be installed on walls, eaves, windowsills,

balconies, railings, lamp tops and other places where birds can stay.


Package and Delivery

Our package of stainless steel bird spikes is 100 pieces/carton. And we support custom package.


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