Galvanized Scissors Mole Traps Made in China

Short Description:

This trap is an excellent all-round trap unless you have stony ground, in which case you may need to sieve the soil with your fingers or a garden riddle to remove the stones. I mainly use this trap for moles that will not push a trigger that is blocking their run. Fortunately, not a common occurrence but moles can become trap shy and this trap solves that problem. However, there is no reason you cannot use it as a main trap.

  • Product Name : Scissors Mole Trap
  • Function : Mole Control
  • Inner Package : 1 piece/opp bag
  • Outer Package : 50 pieces/carton
  • Country of Origin : China
  • Production Method : Galvanized
  • Product Detail

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    scissors mole trap display



    electro galvanizing mole trap


    mild steel




    indoor and outdoor mole control mole control


    we use good quality spring to guarantee the mole trap more powerful and sensitive than before.


    This Scissor Mole Trap has Powerful jaws ensuring a humane kill

    The Galvanized Scissors Mole Trap is Easy to set

    Galvanized Scissors Mole Trap Can be used alongside other mole traps

    Scissors Mole Trap Made in China is Popular with professional mole trappers

    Installation Method

    1.Find out where the mole is always coming out

    2.Dig a hole to place the trap

    3.Open the trap settings

    4.Do some dissembling and wait for the moles

    5.Bury the mole trap in to the soil

    6.Put the mole trap into the hole

    Package and Delivery

    Scissors Mole Traps Package details: 1 piece/opp and 50 pices/carton and we can change the package according to customers’ requirements.

    scissor mole trap package and delivery

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