Anti-Bird Spikes from China with Low Price

Short Description:

1. U.V protected.
2. Ideal for curved edges.
3. Long-lasting stainless steel bird spike for bird control.
4. Can be used in the places with an average number of bird.
5. Using a suitable adhesive or clip is critical to increasing life expectancy.
6. Easy to break (no tools required) into individual pieces if needed to install on narrow ledge.

  • Usage: Bird Control
  • Package: 100 pieces/carton
  • Function: Bird Prevetion
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Product Name : Bird Spikes
  • Advantages: Eco-friendly
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    Item Name Bird Spikes
    Material PC Base with stainless steel spikes
    Qty of Spikes 40 pcs
    Length of base  50.0cm
    Length of spikes  11cm
    Max Width of Spikes 16.0cm
    Package 100 pcs/carton


    The installation procedure is very easy. First determine the surface type, and then choose the type of fixing best suited to the surface area. BIRD SPIKES can be installed onto any surface, including all ledges, window sills, beams, roof tiles, gutters, pipes and air-conditioners.

    ​You can secure to any surfaces one of the following methods:

    Polyurethane adhesive: Applied with a silicon caulking gun, using a 5mm bead along the base. One small tube should fix +/-8 meters of BIRD SPIKES. Please note that silicon holds a lesser guarantee of 12 months, whereas a Polyurethane fixing has been prevented to have a much longer life span depending on the location of the installation area.
    Rivets, nails, screws or cable tie through holes in the base. If BIRD SPIKES are to be installed onto a round surface – that includes piping, down pipes, roof beams and guttering, cable ties are an effective way to secure them. In the case of guttering, drill consecutive holes along the gutter lip then secure the BIRD SPIKES with cable ties.

    Key Words

    Bird Control Spikes, Anti-Pigenon Spikes, Cheap Bird Spikes with Good Quality. 


    BIRD SPIKES are a UV resistant, Polycarbonate plastic product which is specifically designed to deter all bird types, especially feral pigeons, doves, seagulls and crows from landing and roosting where they are installed. 

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    100 pieces/carton, Gross Weight: 7.6kgs, Net Weight: 6.5kgs

    bird spikes package and delivery

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